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Tips to Care for Your New Home – Winter Edition

While the Midwest winters do provide a beautiful backdrop, living in the snow globe that is the FM Metro these days is getting a little… old. We likely aren’t alone in our sentiment that spring cannot come soon enough! Until then, here are some helpful tips to keep your home in tip top shape as we wait out the rest of this cold & snow: 


Run air exchanger, dehumidifier and exhaust fans per manufacturer suggestion to help regulate air flow and moisture, preventing build up on windows.

Have furnace serviced annually and change out the furnace filter bi-monthly to avoid inefficiencies.

Keep snow cleared from furnace exhaust pipe on exterior of home.


Open the blinds and curtains to help circulate air to keep frost off the windows.

Be sure to wipe moisture off as it melts if frost does occur.


Be sure to know where your roof vents are located and check them after each snow storm or windy day to be sure they aren’t covered in snow.

If your sump pump line isn’t plumbed into the city sewer, be sure to keep a pvc extension pipe on the discharge pipe to keep water from freezing in the pipe or near foundation.

Check exterior pipes around foundation of home to keep snow & ice clear.

Check gas and electric meters for snow and ice buildup. Call utility company if your meter has ice buildup.


Clear snow around dryer vent exhaust vent to avoid melting & freezing along the foundation walls.

Reverse your ceiling fan circulation to the clockwise direction to better heat your room. 

Scatter sand on driveway & sidewalks to prevent falling on ice (salt can deteriorate cement.)

Check all door thresholds for any leaking air.

Always have coffee, tea or hot chocolate on hand. Cheers to a safe and warm remainder of our winter wonderland!