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  • "Working with the Krueger Team has been a pleasure. Building a house from a distance complicates the process for both the builder and the buyer, but you communicated steps in the process clearly, listened to us carefully, responded promptly and demonstrated tremendous patience with our quirkiness. We appreciate the quality of the subs who worked on the house, their professionalism and yours. Now we can’t wait to move into the finished product. Thank you!"

    Dan and Mary

  • "We're loving our new home and can't wait to continue to make it our own.  The process and build were great and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything throughout the build!"

    Eric and Nora

  • "My wife and I cannot begin to say how happy we are with our experience with Krueger Homes.  From our first interaction with Clayton during the parade of homes we knew that the Krueger family was who we wanted to build our home.   Every step of the design process was professional, and all of the Krueger team, Jimmy, Kim, Clayton and Kristi were extremely knowledgeable and able to answer our questions in a timely manner.  We never had to wait for more than a few hours to get an answer back on an email or phone call during the design and build process. Kristi was extremely good at working with the design that my wife had in her mind and putting it into the house plan, it didn’t matter if it was the flooring, the lighting or the cabinets she could tell exactly what my wife wanted and was able to ensure it is what we got!  The build process had a few delays, due to the lumber and construction material shortages, but the Krueger team was always quick to let us know the status and not try to hide anything from us during the build.  During the final phase of the build our project manager was great at keeping us in the loop and if we had any questions, he was always available to answer. In the end the house turned out better than we could have imagined and the experience of building a new home with Krueger was one of the best experiences we have had, not only did we get an amazing home we got a group of new friends!"

    Russ and Melissa

  • "We loved the process of building our home with Krueger Construction. Kim, Jimmy and the team were professional, informative and great to work with. Anytime we had an issue, needed clarification or had a question, they were readily available to help and collaborate on solutions. The build process is a journey, but with trustworthy partners, it is a fun one!"

    Sarah and Nick

  • "When we decided to move back to the FM area we were overwhelmed by the market on existing homes. So, the decision for us to build with the Krueger family was a no brainer. Their quick response time, attention to detail and genuine passion toward their work made them so easy to work with. They also made communication and design decisions simple even though we were located out of state. Throughout the building process they were respectful of our budget and consistently guided us in the right direction. We could not have asked for a better experience and would recommend them to anyone! "

    Summer & Aaron

  • "After looking at many floor plans by multiple different builders, our decision to choose Krueger Construction was easy to make. The friendliness of the family ran business reinforced our decision from the time of our first meeting. Having built a home with a different builder prior to this experience, we were unsure what to expect, but the family went above and beyond all of our expectations. Any time we had a question or concern, contacting a member of the team meant a simple phone call. If no one was available, we always received a timely call back. We were able to customize the floor plan we chose without apprehension from anyone, and if a problem arose it was taken care of in a respectful and timely fashion. At the time we chose our floor plan, there was no model home in that design. However, Kim was generous to contact a previous family with the same floor plan and we were able to walk through an already sold (and lived in!) home to get a feel for the layout. When we had design questions, Kristi was great at giving her opinion on what was trending now, and being honest if we picked something that she felt wouldn't look good. During the entire build, getting the most for our money was an apparent priority of the team which comforted us knowing we weren't being over charged for everything we did. The family was transparent about prices and the cost of upgrades which made decisions and staying within our budget easy. Having lived in our home for almost a month now, it truly has become our castle, something we are proud of and excited to come home to every day! Thank you to the Krueger family for such a wonderful build experience and for providing such quality work to the community."

    Tanner & Chelsea

  • "Thank you guys so much! You are an amazing family who does things right. Honesty and integrity are first on my list and you are both 100 percent! Thanks for making our dreams a reality and for being the best builder in the area!"

    Ryan & Dawn

  • "Let me start at the beginning…My husband and I got married In October of 2011. I was busy planning the wedding and he did help, but was also planning other things that I didn’t know about. Our little house we were living in was getting full of shower and wedding presents. He asked me one day, "Honey could we look at some houses after the wedding?" I was honestly half listening as I was still deep in wedding planning and said sure, but little did I know he was emailing with Krueger Construction already. Well then the wedding happened Saturday. We left Monday for the honeymoon and the following Monday we were meeting Kim’s husband Jimmy at a model home. I was a little shocked that he had this all lined up, but this was one of the best things my husband planned. I was very nervous to build a house. My husband's parents had just built a house and it was a terrible experience. I didn’t want that kind of stress after wedding planning. When we spoke to Jimmy and Kim they assured us it was an easy process. I was very hesitant and still very concerned. My husband and I sat down to discuss The Trade Program and the building process. This is when we realized this was the right thing for us. We are so glad we did too!

The Kruegers are honestly the nicest and fairest people we have ever met. They actually care about the people they build for. If we had questions they followed up right away and always made us feel good. We were worried that we might be asking too many questions and that they might just stop answering them, but that day still has never come. We have been In our new Krueger built home for 6 Weeks and LOVING every day! We cannot say enough good things about them and the process as The Trade Program eliminated a ton of unnecessary stress of carrying two mortgages. This program gave us a beautiful new home and only one mortgage at closing - thank you Kruegers! I know this is long and I could probably write 5+ more pages for them, but I will stop. Please build with Krueger Construction as they will not disappoint you and your experience will be Amazing. I can honestly say the only thing we are sad about Is that our house is done and we do not get the joy of interacting with the Krueger clan as often anymore. In closing we would like to thank everyone at Krueger's for the best experience and we wouldn't build a house with anyone else! "

    John & Becky

  • "Krueger Construction built our new home and the process was done in a timely manner and within budget. The entire process was a joy and almost completely stress free. All of the employees were easy to work with and did everything to meet our needs and give us our dream home. They were receptive to changes and corrections that needed to be made during the process. Equally impressive was after we had moved into our new home there were a few minor repairs and they made those in a quick manner as well. They didn't push them to the back of the line just because our house was completed. Overall, this is a great company in terms of their work ethic, ease of working with and the actual building process from start to finish. They were a joy and I would highly recommend them to build your new home!"

    Jim & Kim 

  • "We met most of the Krueger Family at the Spring 2010 Parade of Homes. At the time, we were just thinking about building, but we found a Krueger floor plan that we liked on the tour. This was the first home our family had ever built and it went really well. The Krueger family was very helpful in guiding us, listened to what changes we wanted to make and stayed close to budget with no big surprises at the end. When we had questions they were just a phone call away. We also had Castle Realty list our previous house. They did an awesome job, showing and marketing our home until it sold. We would definitely do business with Krueger Construction, Inc. and Castle Realty again and recommend them to others."

    Paul & Melissa

  • "We had a great experience working with the Krueger family, from working with Kim and Corey and the Krueger Trade Program on the sale of our previous home to Greg and Corey giving us the freedom to help design our home and realize our dream as a young family that we could build a new home just the way we wanted. If you are thinking of building your next home, we would recommend giving Krueger Construction, Inc. a call. You really do get to know their family and they work with you in every step of the home building process, even after you close on your newly built home they still provide great customer service."

    Austin & Megan

  • "The number one thing about Greg is that he takes the time to listen to what our needs and our wants are and then does all he can to satisfy them."


  • "We love the bigger bedrooms; most homes you see have very small bedrooms. Also, the larger laundry room and race tracking in the family room were added bonuses. We have enjoyed working with Greg, Bonnie and staff very much. We would recommend them to anyone and we would love to build with Krueger Construction again."

    Wanda & Travis

  • "Thanks to Krueger Construction, Inc. we were not only shown that we could afford to build a new home but also the benefits of home ownership. The Krueger's are honest and up front, making sure there are no hidden costs or financial surprises in obtaining a home of our dreams. Greg Krueger was very good at helping to design our homes the way we wanted and his experience helped us to make good decisions about our floor plan and interior design choices. Krueger made sure we were happy with all aspects of the homebuilding process and if a problem arose it was promptly taken care of to our satisfaction. Since our first home we have built three other homes with Krueger Construction and we have been very pleased."

    Darry & Carol

  • "From the day we walked into the spec home and met all the Kruegers, we knew immediately that their slogan, "Let our family build for your family" was true to its commitment. Not expecting to build, we were quickly taken in by the Krueger kindness and expertise in assisting us in selling our home and building a new one. Throughout the process of decision-making, Greg was very open and straightforward in giving advice and yet, allowing us total freedom to create the home we wanted. He was also very willing to custom build those concepts within the home that were an addition to the original plan. We particularly felt that the group of people the Kruegers subcontract with are an extension of the expert knowledge and congenial customer service which characterizes the reputation of Krueger Construction, Inc. It has been our pleasure In getting to know the Krueger family through this process."

    Ron & Nancy

  • "Thank you to the Krueger Construction team for making our home building/ buying experience wonderful! You all are truly amazing, going above and beyond our expectations.  We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with. A special thank you to Jimmy and Corey for putting up with me these last few months!"

    Brandon & Katie

  • "A close friend referred us to Krueger Construction when we decided to move and build a home in ND. We lived 500 miles away so I began by checking out their website and Facebook page. Going through all the photos left me wanting to see and know more. Within minutes of our first meeting, I knew this was the company I wanted to build our house. My husband has worked in the residential/commercial building industry for years and Greg Krueger answered his questions and put him at ease, which laid a foundation of trust from the beginning. Our first tour through a Krueger home in progress proved to us they were not a cookie-cutter builder but that they incorporated character into their homes and takes great pride in their work, not just selling a product.Working with them throughout the build was a pleasure. No matter how many times we contacted them, or changed our minds, we were always treated with respect and patience and a "yes, we can do that" attitude. We were kept informed where we stood budget-wise throughout the project. When I was shopping, making choices for our home, I got the impression from merchants that Krueger Construction is a respected name around town. If I were to sum up this family business with one word it would be integrity. "

    Greg & Marla

  • "My wife and I couldn't be any happier with our new home. The quality is beyond our expectations and everyone involved in the build was helpful and courteous. Making all of the various decisions that were needed became very easy for us when working with the other family members on the team. I cannot say enough good things about Krueger Construction and am happy to recommend them whenever I have the opportunity. Thank You."

    Kevin & Cheryl

  • "We bought a Krueger home and had Krueger Construction finish the basement for us while we lived in it. They did an excellent job overall. The house looks fabulous! Everyone who comes over compliments our home. The workers were careful and courteous. They even fixed some dings in the walls that we made when moving in. The design is perfect and the craftsmanship is superior. Krueger Construction is a family business and it shows in their professionalism and overall product."

    Neil & Robbyn

  • "Krueger Construction was responsive, attentive and dedicated to ensuring my clients had a great experience with building their first home. Their staff was always easy to reach, able to answer questions and able to quickly resolve minor issues which occur with every new construction project. My clients love their new Krueger built home and are enjoying it very much."

    Denise M

  • "Your craftsmanship is still awesome two years later – I host Bison Watch parties for every game and the 20-30 guests all comment what a great job my builder did – Thanks again."

    Bruce L

  • "We chose to build with Krueger for a number of reasons. Initially it was the floor plan of a model home that got us hooked, but after making a number of modifications to the plan we quickly learned to appreciate the custom build approach executed by the Krueger team. We love our new home and recommend Krueger to anyone looking for a personal touch to the building process!"

    Jason & Lisa

  • "We love our Krueger home, and the whole family was great to work with. We would look forward to the meetings we had with them. We get so many compliments on our house; we really couldn't be any happier with it and the smooth building process that we had with Krueger. I would highly recommend them! "


  • "Our family built a Krueger home this past year and the entire process was seamless. From concept to delivery the entire Krueger family went above and beyond. We love our home and highly recommend building with the Krueger Family! "

    Alex & Amy

  • "They definitely lived up to their motto, let our family build for yours. The whole process went smoothly from design to walk thru. We absolutely love our Krueger built home"

    Chad & Heather

  • "Krueger Construction built our dream home. Jimmy was excellent to work with and always available for questions we had. Top quality work, easy to work with for customizations that we requested."

    Rhea & Kelly

  • "We built a house with Krueger after doing a lot of research. Everything we found said wonderful things about them. I can honestly tell you that if you don't build with them you will be disappointed. The Krueger family is amazing. They were always available to help and answer questions. They never make you feel like you are bothering them and all of there answers are completely honest. Even after closing they dont forget about you. That was huge for us. I never wanted to build a house and my husband talked me into it. I am so glad he did. It was one of the best experiences and I would never build a house with anyone else! We will be customers FOREVER. Thanks Krueger's for everything and don't change anything! We love you guys."

    Rebecca L

  • "I keep pinching myself! I absolutely love everything. You guys were awesome to work with. When I tell people how enjoyable the whole building experience was, they always say they have never heard anyone say that before. Ha! We had a great first weekend in our new home. We enjoyed showing it to our family and friends over the weekend. We will definitely be recommending Krueger in the future. Thanks for everything!"

    Jeremy & Brandi

  • "We love our Krueger Built home! The floor plans are are so thoughtfully designed, it was hard for us to settle on which one we wanted to build. The team has a fun, energetic approach to the design and build process. They guided us through every detail with honesty and experience, we always felt we were in good hands and well taken care of. We are proud to live in a Krueger Built home and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality home, a smooth process and a design forward approach to home building! "

    Sherry & Tim

  • "We have lived in our Krueger home for nearly a decade and still love it! Thanks Krueger team for a job well done!"

    Lynn & Bruce

  • "After extensive research, we decided to build our home with Krueger Construction and we could not be happier with the process and end product. The creative process, attention to detail and quality far surpassed our expectations. The team is truly respectful of budget and is honest in their advice, we felt like we were in good hands from start to finish. Our neighbors, family and friends continually complement our home and we are so excited to spend many happy years here. Thank you to the Krueger team for a wonderful experience and a truly stunning home! "

    Andrea & Joe