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Thirty Five Years of Thankful

Incredibly another year is nearing its end and we are finding ourselves reflecting on highs and lows of not just the past 365 days, but the past three and a half decades Krueger Construction has been in business!  As we prepare to gather around our dining tables with family and friends this Thanksgiving week, we find ourselves counting our blessings and looking forward to a day of gratitude.

In a word, we are THANKFUL!

Thankful for the opportunity to create new floor plans and discover new products to continually push the envelope of what building truly custom homes in this market means.


Thankful for customers who continue to trust in us to bring their visions to life and who understand the organic process that is home building.


Open Floor Plan in Eagle Pointe.jpg

Thankful for incredibly talented and hardworking trade partners who value quality and doing the job well.


11. Custom Home Builder Kitchen Dining.jpg

Thankful for Realtors, lenders, appraisers, title companies and other industry related professionals who  represent the best interests of the individuals and families we work for in creating a positive experience and smooth transactions.


Custom home builder fargo.jpg


Thankful for a team that strives to be better, do better today than yesterday, recognizes the honor & responsibility of creating “home” for our customers and operates from a place of passion.

So, to everyone who has been on this journey with us over the last 35 years, we thank you! Cheers to continued friendships, partnerships and building beautiful, quality homes!