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Small Details to Remember When Building Custom


Each design element-big or small- makes your custom built house into your home. Building a home is a big project made up of lots of different important details, and just like you we want everything to turn out exactly how you had imagined, which is why we DO pay attention to the smallest of details! Today’s blog is about a few small details that you should probably consider putting in your home when planning and designing it!

Master Bedroom/Bathroom

  • A switch next to the head of the bed to turn off the lights when you’ve gotten into bed
  • USB outlets near night stands to charge your variety of digital gadgets
  • Think through counter space on sinks and make sure you have enough room for all of your everyday use items
  • Make sure there are enough outlets
  • Think long and hard about privacy!


  • Don’t skimp on lighting! You don’t want your home to feel dark or dingy
  • Think about the outlets you want controlled with a switch (and ones you don’t)
  • Consider pre-wiring for entertainment centers, speakers, and other things you may want down the road


  • Put the pantry light on a motion or door sensor
  • Think carefully about outlet locations- they come in very handy on the sides of an island or inside the pantry
  • Plan for a pull out trash can so it’s always hidden
  • Consider a filler faucet over your cook top stove to easily fill pots with water


  • Never underestimate the amount of storage you will need
  • Consider adding built in shelving in the garage
  • Leave no space unused!