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Simplifying the Home Building Process

Being able to design and build your own home is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of your life. Rather than looking endlessly at homes that were built for someone else’s taste and preferences, when you build a custom home you have the opportunity to personally hand pick every detail in the home to match your own style, your needs, your lifestyle, or your families.

We understand where you’re coming from when you say you’re worried about the stress that comes along with the home building process, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Building a home requires a lot of decision making and coordination, there is definitely a lot that goes into it; but that is what we’re here for!

To help you get through the home building process without losing any sleep, we have put together a few must-know tips for minimizing stress in the home building process:

  1. First and Foremost, Choose the Right Builder! A lot of the stress of home building can come out of working with the wrong builder. It is very important to find a builder that partners’ with you and your family well to avoid issues that could possibly arise. At Krueger Construction we take much pride in our family business and the way we do things around here! Work Ethic, Integrity, and Honesty are so important to us. Making sure all of our clients have an outstanding building experience that results in a home they absolutely love is our greatest priority. Our build process gives you a very straight-forward and organized map that walks you from inspection, to owning the home of your dreams. You’ll be aware what every step of the process entails before it even starts. Your role in this process is to illustrate to us what your dream house looks and feels like, and our job is to make it come to life.
  2. Be Involved! Even though we make sure all your bases are covered, we still want you to be involved in the process. When your vision comes to life, it makes it that much more rewarding knowing you created a beautiful home. We know how to create great custom homes, after all we have over thirty years of experience behind our belts, but only you know what your tastes and preferences are! The very first step in our home building process is to meet with you and talk about your hopes and dreams for your home. It’s great when our clients come to the drawing board with pictures and ideas they envision for their future home. The more you participate in the design and development of your home, the more closely it will align with your dreams. Always feel free to schedule an appointment with us to head out to the job site and see your vision take form, as well!
  3. Understand what you’re getting with your budget. Staying on budget can be one of the greatest stress-inducers in the custom home building process. We will help you develop a realistic budget right from the start, and make sure we stick to it so you don’t unexpectedly run out of money during the process. While making design decisions, we will make sure you understand exactly where your money is going and exactly what that money gets you by using our transparent process. It helps greatly if we are able to see a list of needs that you and your family must have, and a list of wants that we can make happen if the budget allows.
  4. Give yourself time to think things through. Getting to design every element in your home to perfectly align with your dreams is the greatest part of this! But, if you’re in a rush to get the show on the road while making design decisions, you could miss out on this advantage. Giving yourself some time to think through what you really want in every detail of your new home will ensure the home you end up with is one you will be proud to call your own. By giving our clients extra time to really think about these design elements as they see their home come to life, we find that it reduces the stress of making rushed choices, and results in a house that our clients love calling home.