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Modern trends to expect this year

1. Earth Tones

This year more than ever, earth tones are taking center stage. For everything from tiles and stone counter tops to paint and carpets, many homeowners are finding that they just cannot go wrong with neutral tones. Of course, there is always room for pops of color in the home, but sticking with a neutral color scheme for your interior design is an all-around win. Some reasons homeowners are going neutral:

  • -Neutral colors show off furnishings and textures that might otherwise be overlooked
  • -Neutral tones will always be classic-meaning you’ll never grow tired of them
  • -It creates a warm and intimate environment
  • -Whether you prefer modern, traditional, or rustic, it works for any style
  • -Neutral colors offer colorful opportunities

2. Eco-Friendly Materials and Features 

Going green is a trend that applies to many different avenues this year, including custom home building. Many homeowners and builders alike are focusing on using sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly materials to be incorporated into their designs. This can be as simple as using recycled/reclaimed wood materials or energy efficient appliances.

3. Open Floorplans

This trend has been popular years and certainly will not end in 2017. Most of our custom floorplans are built with openness in mind, which eliminates the traditional, closed-off feel that homes of the past had by removing walls and other barriers, enhancing the overall airy flow of the house. Some may select an entirely open living concept while other prefer to restrict the openness to just the main level. Either way, open floorplans allow for tremendous versatility while visually expanding the size of the home.

4. Unique Bathrooms

Long gone are the days of routine, monotonous bathrooms. Today, home owners are choosing to personalize their bathroom to reflect their style. Some things we’ve done to make the space more customized are add a spacious walk-in beautifully tiled shower, install a striking soaker tub separate from the shower, set up a make-up counter, or possibly connect an expansive walk-in-closet.

5. Built-In Bars

Home bars were all the craze in the 60’s, and they’re just now making a comeback. Many customers of ours choose to incorporate these built-in bars into a space designated for entertainment, whether it is in the kitchen, living room, basement, or the ‘Man Cave or She Shed’, this trend proves to be an elegant and fun yet functional accessory for homeowners that love to entertain!