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Choosing the Correct Lighting for Your Home

When building, lighting is an important feature that can make a huge impact for making a house into a home. Each and every light fixture makes a statement in a home to showcase not only the overall quality of the room but can create flexibility and completely change the feeling of a space. Before choosing your light fixtures, first consider how the natural lighting will perform within the space, and then choose fixtures that will fulfill the other essentials accordingly. A few things to consider when choosing lighting for each room are:

  1. Mood: Keep in mind how you will be using the room in the future- kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms all have enormously different lighting needs. However, it is important to choose fixtures fit for each room, but also keep the design esthetic consistent throughout. When shopping, look for unique fixtures that provide functional lighting and an element of style that coincides with your style.
  2. Control and Efficiency: When thinking about energy cost savings and security in a home, it is important to consider the addition of automatic lighting sensors, timers, dimmers; which can turn the most practical lighting into mood lighting perfect for any dinner party or movie night, and appropriate task lighting. All these things play a crucial role in making the home secure and saving on energy costs to be more efficient.
  3. Style: Whether you decide on a modern, traditional, craftsman or contemporary home design style, your lighting should complement the homes’ décor.  Wall or ceiling mounted fixtures provide a welcoming feel and create ambient light, while also serving as art! Recessed lighting works well for discrete task, general, or accent lighting. Lamps are ideal for task lighting and can also accentuate certain areas of the home to add emphasis.

Below are some of our favorite accent lights in our custom Krueger Built Homes!