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5 Myths of Custom Home Building

Working with a builder to create a custom home can help you get exactly what you want in a home. You have the freedom to pick the location, the floorplan, and all the finishes that suit your taste; and you don’t have to search the market for months waiting to find your dream home. You can just tell your home builder your vision, and you can delight in watching it come to life.

Though buying a custom home has many benefits, many customers feel hesitant to explore custom home options because they have misconceptions about what the process entails. We’re here to help dispel some of those myths.

Myth #1: “Building a custom home is expensive.”

Any time you get a custom item or one that is modified to suit your tastes, you may think that it will be more expensive than the standard option. With custom homes, this myth is especially predominant. The truth is that price is influenced by a lot of variables, and a custom home is not necessarily more expensive than and existing home with similar features. Our goal is to be completely transparent with pricing and allowances so that there are no surprises throughout the build process. After each design meeting, buyers are updated with bids and where they lay with in the allowance.  Buyers are in total control of budget based on their finish selections.

Myth #2: “Builders always go over budget.”

Many customers will come into the home building process fearing they will pay much more than they intend to. With a budget set out, we will make recommendations for specifications that stay within those boundaries. At Krueger Construction we are very careful to stick to your budget. We respect and understand ourselves that a home is often times many families’ biggest investment. Our pricing sheets are very clear and straight forward so you know exactly what your money is paying for; it is important to us that our customers understand the process, are well informed, and know exactly what to expect throughout the build.

Myth #3: “Custom homes are never finished on time and they take too long.”

Another common myth among customers is that the home building process can be a lengthy and tedious task that often times takes much longer than expected. While there are some variables that none of us can control, like Mother Nature for example. Typically once a home is at the framing stage, we can lock in a closing timeline. Of course, the build process is also fueled by the finish selections process, so we’ve implemented an excellent system with our design team for ensuring that all selections are made within a timely manner and the process is never held up.  We work to finalize both numbers and selections nearly two months before closing, so that buyers can focus their energies on packing and readying themselves for the move all while watching their dream home come to life. No stress, no hassle, no surprises!

Myth #4: “Building a custom home is stressful and complicated.”

Building your dream home should be exciting, not stressful! It’s true—there are a lot of decisions that need to be made when building a home; but those decisions don’t need to be taxing. Our design team is here to make this process fun! We allow you to be as involved in the process as you wish to be. We’ll guide you along so you’re able to pick the exact details that fit your families’ needs, from there, we will handle obtaining permits, inspections, and behind the scenes work it takes to take your new home from an empty lot to the place you and your family can call home. We keep the build process simple, transparent, and organized during every stage so our customers can enjoy building their custom home.

Myth #5: “All builders are the same.”

All builders are not equal! When choosing a home builder, it is important to do your research on the builder to become familiar with their building philosophy and process and find a team that you trust and feel comfortable with. With our 30+ years of experience and education in building custom homes we can assure you that the quality of your home with be nothing short of immaculate. We construct houses that each of us would be happy to live in ourselves and have designed a process that we would be just as comfortable with as the buyer as we are the builder. It's our mission to provide top notch quality and innovative design in a comfortable atmosphere where questions are welcome and building a home to suit your needs is the priority.